Prestonville is one of the oldest parts of Brighton & Hove. 

It is the area bound by Dyke Road,  Tivoli Crescent, Clermont Road, Harrington Road, Bates Road, Balfour Road, Ditchling Road, Stanford Avenue and Old Shoreham Road as far as BHASVIC,

as seen in the map BELOW:

Prestonville is one of the oldest and best established parts of Brighton & Hove and draws the majority of its heritage from the arrival of the London, Brighton & South Coast Railways in 1845.

A lot of the housing in Prestonville arrived at about the same time, although the village of Preston dates back many hundreds of years before this.

This area has some fantastic Victorian Alleyways - all dramatically engineered, mostly built on the steep gradients of the valley sides in which this area is centred.

Listed BELOW are some of the alleyways and stairways we have found so far.